Selecting criteria for my definition of different, was less important than understanding why I made it a  criteria!  The simple fact is not everyone you meet is going to let you feel safe and comfortable. They  become the "others"  kept outside your space, and sometimes that is the best option. If you are allergic, or simply don't like certain foods, eliminate them from your diet. Before someone, or something is "othered" make sure the decision  criteria go beyond reaction to superficial impressions.

When I find myself among the "others," and I have, resilience comes from owning what, or who, put me there!

Was it a matter of saying yes to volunteering, saying no to being swept along with the crowd, or yielding to overwhelming forces. Understanding the real why of what happened wasn't always something I could control. My response was!

Enjoyment comes from finding a place and people where your choices are welcome.


                                 What is in your definition of different and why?  

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      How Do You Create, Defend or just Enjoy Your Comfort Zone?