​           Decisions Influenced By Differences: where was my bias?

    My MA in Refugee Care, completed at Essex University and the Tavistock Institute in England, added an academic                  dimension to the personal experience of 45 years of marriage to a refugee and her community, and work with displaced            persons in combat zones from Kuwait to Bosnia and Iraq.  Displaced persons returning to former homes in Crimea and            Croatia, or military veterans transitioning to civilian life, provided yet another perspective on how differences are managed.      My Masters in International Management allows me to build course-ware  to fit a variety of human resource and talent              management both here in the U.S. and abroad.

   Many courses depend on learning about other cultures, gender and ethnic diversity. My focus is on a better understanding        of  how individuals process differences. The key is how we answer the question, what's in your definition of difference?                 


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